How to set Linkshare payment threshold

Navigating Linkshare can be a bit painful, and setting your payment threshold can be even more difficult. It took me a long time to find how to do it online. So here it is, hoping it may help you, the reader, who stumbled here via google:

To change your minimum payment threshold:

1. Go to My Account > Marketing Channels and click Edit next to the channel you wish to change.

2. Enter the desired amount in the Payment Threshold box (the payment threshold must be a whole number and cannot contain a decimal).

3. Click Save.

You can sign up to be a Linkshare affiliate so you can earn money from linking people to iTunes products, and other online retailers.

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iHerb – discount code – discount coupon

iHerb - discount code - discount coupon

iHerb is an online shopping store for cheap organic food products, supplements, and lots of essentials for people trying to eat healthy, whether as a raw food diet, or anything else. The bonus is that it’s cheaper than Amazon, and has working discount coupons.

Here’s a discount code to get 5% and $10 off your order: JIB819

One thing that’s highly recommended and totally worth trying if you haven’t yet done so is Dandelion coffee. It’s caffeine free and delicious, and made from dandelion root. Give it a try.

Happy eating!

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Alibris coupon codes

Alibris, an online competitor to Amazon is having a sale at the moment. Books, DVDs, that kind of thing.

Click for $3 off $30, $8 off $60, or $15 off $100, for those who are interested and shop with them.

While we’re on the subject, Barnes and Noble are having a Nook Color sale down from $299: NOOK Color now $149 with free shipping.

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Stories of Synchronicity: bumping into my dad in a magazine

I spent a long time living in a small countryside town in Nepal with my parter, who is Japanese. Somewhere into our stay we found ourselves visiting Kathmandu, and while there we found a cute little Japanese restaurant and had lunch there.

japanese restaurant Kathmandu japanese restaurant Nepal

We were feeling bored with a little time to kill, and there was a shelf of about 50 magazines. Without looking at the cover, we randomly picked one out, opened at a random page, and hey presto, it was a double page spread about my father, Graham Hancock, (who, as a side note, has a website with one of the best daily science news articles existing on the net) and his research on the underwater ruins around Japan. We didn’t have a camera to record this, but we were incredibly surprised at the synchronicity, especially considering there was an enormous amount of potential reading material to flick through and we immediately hit the only personally significant one there.

Japanese Magazines and Books

Next time we returned to Kathmandu, we went back to the same restaurant determined to take a picture to remember the incident. We looked through almost every magazine there and couldn’t find it. After about 20-30 mins of searching through the same mags over and over, my partner eventually found the magazine as it had small picture of Graham on the cover.

Graham Hancock Synchronicity

However, we couldn’t find the article in the magazine. We checked the index and this was definitely the one we were looking for. It had several pages dedicated to the story.

Graham Hancock Japanese Magazine

But when we got there, we found those same pages that had amazed us with the synchronicity last time had now been torn out. Of all the magazines there, we never found any other torn out pages, but alas, our quest ended there.

Pages torn out from Magazine

So, I can’t say this double-synchronicity has any meaning, at least because none struck me, but I think of these strange incidents as something a bit like a rainbow – just a surprise, serendipitous demonstration of the marvel and magic of reality.

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How to become a Google Play affiliate

I would like to offer detailed instructions in how to make money using referral links to Google Play android apps, but unfortunately I can’t do this, because Google Play does not offer an affiliate program. When and if an affiliate program does start, I will post about it here, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you want to become an iTunes affiliate to refer iTunes apps for the iPhone and iPad, the best way is through Linkshare, as iTunes do not have a direct referral program, like Amazon, and so you need to go through a third party. You can sign up to to Linkshare and their iTunes referral program here: Linkshare affiliates.


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Stories of Synchronicity – Message In A Bottle Found 12 Years After It Was Tossed Into The Ocean

A Canadian teen’s message in a bottle has been found on an island in Maine 12 years after it was first tossed into the ocean, the Welland Tribune reports.

In 2000, 3-year-old Taryn McKee was on vacation with her family in Letete, New Brunswick, when her mother suggested she write a note to send out to sea.

With her mother’s help, McKee composed the message and the bottled note was tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. Neither of them expected to ever see it again.

But last week, Becky Lee of the Downeast Coastal Conservancy said she discovered the note in a plastic soda bottle as she and others cleaned up Tibbett Island off South Addison.

Read the rest here:

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Quotes on Kindness

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you help others, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years, but you will be helped. Nature must pay off the debt. It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematics.”

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Belief Systems are BS

Taken from p.72 of Cosmic Trigger Volume 2, by Robert Anton Wilson: “Important! Read this carefully!”

What I have been saying – the important lesson of this book – can be put into two simple imperatives:

1- Never believe totally in anybody else’s BS.
2- Never believe totally in your own BS.

See definition: “zeteticism”. Zeteticism is a term from ancient Greek philosophy that has been revived by Dr. Marcello Truzi, because the similar term “skepticism” has been pre-empted by certain entrenched dogmatists. The modern so-called skeptic accepts the dogmas of the reigning Establishment and is cynical only about ideas that are new, original or Heretical. The zetetic is skeptical of all dogmas.

If you do not retain some zeteticism about all ideas, however appealing they may be, you have entered hypnosis.

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Mothers and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other

See this story over on io9: Mothers and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other

Synchronicity exists everywhere binding together all of reality.

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1932, the economy, and fractal recurrence

Terence McKenna’s ‘Timewave Zero’ theory detailed in his book ‘The Invisible Landscape’, proposes that time and events through history follow a fractal pattern.

See “The spectre of 1932: How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory” from the Daily Mail.

It seems that events from 80 years ago are repeating in fractal time into today’s world. The economic crisis of 1931 that spilled over into 1932 and became the Great Depression seem to be echoing 80 years later in time as we move from 2011 to 2012.

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