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Belief Systems are BS

Taken from p.72 of , by Robert Anton Wilson: “Important! Read this carefully!” What I have been saying – the important lesson of this book – can be put into two simple imperatives: 1- Never believe totally in anybody else’s BS. 2- Never believe totally in your own BS. See definition: “zeteticism”. Zeteticism is a … Continue reading »

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Trick, by Sean Hancock

My brother Sean has written a coming of age novel called ‘Trick’. It’s a fantastic, fast paced read and at 99p on Kindle, a bargain as well! See Sean’s website for links and info: Or get it straight from or

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Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings

Rob Brezsny, of ‘Free Will Astrology‘ fame has created an incredibly fun, charismatic, inspiring and creative book called . I’ve found that it reinspires an optimistic view of the world, one that is much appreciated in what can sometimes seem like very crazy times. It’s really one of the best books I have ever come … Continue reading »

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Shogun, James Clavell

For anyone looking for a long and involving adventure to get lost in, James Clavell’s is a rather excellent read. It’s about 1000 pages long, but reads as if half that. Set in Japan around 1600, it’s a gripping tale of the first English sailor (based on the real life character William Adams) to set … Continue reading »

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