WordPress twentyfifteen loop in sidebar breaking static page content

If you’re using the twentyfifteen theme in WordPress and trying to put a custom loop – for example to show a list of custom post types – in the sidebar, all the static pages will be broken and have their content replaced by posts that match the criteria of the sidebar loop.

The fix is to go into header.php and take the whole sidebar div, starting with:

<div id=”sidebar” class=”sidebar”>

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WordPress template syntax error

I ran into a problem with wordpress, currently version 4.1.1

When I applied a page template to my home page, even using the exact same code from page.php, but with the template tag at the top. Here is the error it throws up:

"syntax error, unexpected T_STRING" ... "on line 1"

Even though this format is normal and works on every other page:



Template Name: home


get_header(); ?>

Here is how you get it working when the unreasonable and nonsensical error comes up:


/* Template Name:home */


<?php get_header(); ?>

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Old version of skype 3 in windows 8 64bit

For those who are using windows 8 64bit and are having trouble getting the old version of skype working, try version It seems to be the only 3.x version that works, and the new versions of skype are an abomination. Happy skyping.

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Wamp icon orange – wamp not starting fix / solution

You installed wamp, but can’t get it started? Try closing Skype. Both use port 80, but if you start wamp and then open skype after that, wamp will take priority over port 80 and will work properly.

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How to: WordPress permalinks not working wamp (fix)

Your wordpress permalinks aren’t working in Wamp?

Here’s the solution:
1) Left click the Wamp icon in your system tray
2) Open Apache > httpd.conf in notepad (or a similar plain text editor)
3) Search “rewrite”
4) Find this line:
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so
5) Remove the # symbol, so it just says:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Save. Restart all services in Wamp, and now it’ll all work.

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Respecting animals

“When man learns to respect even the smallest being of Creation, whether animal or vegetable, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”
— Albert Schweitzer

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Q: Which is the best royalty free stock video site?

Answer: There are a lot out there, but the one I always use as it has a great selection and good prices is www.istockphoto.com

The best thing about them is that they have a free section for each type of media, and so there’s a free stock photo every week, and a free video every month. It’s a fairly useful resource.

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Contact Form 7 not working in wordpress?

For those of you having trouble getting contact form 7 to work in wordpress, hunting down the solution is incredibly hard. So here it is. Install and activate this plugin, and suddenly it will magically work:

You’re welcome.

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How to: keyboard shortcut volume control windows 7

So you want to control your Windows 7 volume through a keyboard shortcut without using a multimedia keyboard? There’s no obvious way to do this, but there is a simple way to do it and it doesn’t require any 3rd party external software.

1) click your start menu. Type ‘sndvol” in the search box at the bottom
2) Right-click-drag the sndvol program icon to your desktop and select the ‘Create shortcuts here’ option
3) Right click on the new shortcut and hit properties
4) Go to the shortcut tab, and click inside the “shortcut key” box.
5) Make your shortcut key combo. For example I use ALT + F12. Hit apply and OK to close the dialogue box.

Now you can control your windows master volume using your keyboard up and down keys when you summon the program through your new keyboard shortcut. But beware – if you move the shortcut from your desktop to somewhere else, the keyboard shortcut stops working.

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Raw Food Recipes

Raw food is a lot more interesting than it sounds. It’s a lot more than simply eating salads. Aya Papaya is an expert on Raw Food, and has a blog with her raw food recipes. Check it out!


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